Areas of expertise

Public sector activities

The operations of organisations in the public sector are governed by a number of specific regulatory frameworks which impose due process requirements in respect of individuals. MAQS has a specific group of specialists who primarily work with clients in this sector, which includes colleges and universities, municipalities, county councils, and other public authorities. MAQS also assists various companies which, in the course of their business, come in contact with public authorities which exercise influence over their commercial activities.

The matters in this area comprise everything from simpler day-to-day advice to complicated matters and litigation. In addition to general administrative law advice, we can offer our skills in special administrative law areas such as the unique law governing higher education. We assist our higher education clients with organisational issues, limitations on activities, student law, and various issues involving research. We also provide them with training sessions for their different categories of employees.

In addition, we assist in matters involving:

  • Freedom of information and confidentiality
  • Processing of personal data and registry issues
  • Liability for Internet publication
  • Damages due to erroneous exercise of public authority control
  • Issues involving state support and competition

Even when dealing with public contracts, special consideration needs to be taken of the unique conditions which apply to the public sector. The issues we work with in this area include:

  • Research agreements
  • Intellectual property law
  • Donations
  • Stipends and sponsoring
  • EU subsidies and other financing

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Michael Hylander

Advokat/Member of the Board of Directors Stockholm
Telephone: +46 8 407 09 91
Mobile: +46 70 758 58 37

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Jimmy Carnelind

Advokat/Senior Associate Gothenburg
Telephone: +46 31 763 25 31
Mobile: +46 768 66 15 71

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