Transport & Logistics

The forest industry is currently the industry that purchases the most rail transport in Sweden. Optimized logistics flows from plant to finished products is a key factor for the continued success and sustainable development for the industry.
Transport & logistik

Many larger players in the forest industry have collaborations to promote more sustainable and efficient transport. One such example is the industry’s joint efforts to accelerate the work with reclassifying parts of the Swedish road network to enable heavier and more environmentally efficient truck transports. The port capacity for more efficient and smoother access to the global logistics network, expansion of the railway network to further increase the transfer from trucks to railways and electrification of vehicle fleets are other initiatives where the industry and the state cooperate for the benefit of the environment and competitiveness.

While collaboration between different players within logistics is vital for achieving the high goals, it also requires that the collaborations do not conflict with competition law issues, which MAQS has extensive experience of handling. In combination with our competence from working with the regulations, conventions and standard agreements that exist for sea, air, train and road transport as well as multimodal transport, we contribute with security and flexibility in our customers’ businesses in the global freight market.