MAQS’ industry group within gambling consists of specialists who work with all types of actors that operate under the Swedish gambling legislation. We offer top legal expertise and security for your business based on thorough understanding of the specific provisions that prevail over the fast moving Swedish gambling market.

The Swedish gambling market has undergone considerable changes in recent years and remains under constant development. In connection with the new gambling regulations that came into force in Sweden in 2019, the gambling market was re-regulated by going from a monopoly system to a licensing system whereby all actors that want to operate a gambling business in Sweden must have a license from the Swedish Gambling Authority. Currently the gambling industry operates in a market where both the number of actors and legislation are constantly changing. MAQS follows this development closely to ensure that we continuously provide updated and high-quality advice.  

MAQS’ Gambling group are specialists in the application of the gambling legislation as well as related issues such as responsible gambling, licensing, privacy and data protection, marketing, money laundering and commercialization of intellectual property rights. MAQS also regularly assists with preparation, review and negotiation of agreements regarding commercial collaborations between gambling market actors and sports clubs, associations and organisations.

In addition to the fact that we have all the legal competence required within the area, we have extensive knowledge of the industry accumulated through our role as in-house counsel with actors in the industry and through long-term customer relationships. We tailor our advice to each customer’s specific needs, whether it concerns in-depth advice, simpler services or advanced and broad training.

Practice areas

Intellectual property
Contract law
Marketing law
Money laundering


Daniel Wesslund

Advokat/Legal Director

Daniel Wesslund

Advokat/Legal Director


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