Privacy & data protection

In step with the increase in digitalization, there is a growing need for advice regarding personal privacy, system and security issues.
Hållbarhet integritet BG

We experience that there is an awareness among our clients of financial risks in the form of sanctions in the case of lack of personal data processing. The risk of sanctions is, however, only part of the negative effects of lack of processing of privacy issues. Bad will is at least as big a problem that can lead to reduced revenues, reduced customer base and, above all, reduced confidence in the company and therewith a worsening reputation.

Digital sustainability is a necessity for an increased customer base. It will also be a critical factor in being able to attract employees, a part of the so-called “Employer Branding”. Deficiencies in digital sustainability risk, in a larger perspective, limiting a company’s power of innovation and therewith competitiveness in an undesirable way.

Through our specialists within the field of Data protection, we can help with all parts of the process to ensure digital sustainability – everything from analysis of processes, evaluation and documentation to implementation and follow-up.

Since no single actor can manage all parts of a privacy protection project in an optimal way, we carry out our projects in close collaboration with selected external partners in, for example, system and security issues. This model ensures optimal quality and cost efficiency for you as a client.