As the trend to combine goods and services progresses and businesses increasingly takes a more service-centric approach to their business models to enhance customer value new possibilities– and challenges arise.

MAQS’ industry group for services have extensive experience as advisors to both traditional service providers, industrial manufacturers, as well as companies who have emerged as a result of servitization. As the rapid development of servitization intensifies, industry players are looking across borders and industries, turning to new forms of collaborations, strategic partnerships and even fusions in order to cope with the often, massive R&D investments needed.

MAQS’ group for services are monitoring the development closely, constantly adapting our advice to new-found technical solutions and cross-industry collaborations. Combined with our other industry groups, MAQS possesses extensive expertise regarding the legal and strategic aspects that service providers are faced with, both generally and across industries.

Practice areas

Contract law
Competition law
Employment law
Corporate law
Intellectual property


Nicklas Hansson

Advokat/Managing Partner

Nicklas Hansson

Advokat/Managing Partner


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