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Liquid Wind is a fast growing Gothenburg-based electro fuel company that is contributing to the global transition towards a sustainable future. Liquid Wind’s focus is on developing, financing, building and operating facilities for the production of carbon neutral fuel by using carbon dioxide and renewable electricity. The ambition is to, together with its partner, the Danish energy giant Ørsted, have its first commercial facility, FlagshipONE in operation during 2024.

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3D-rendering av Liquid Winds anläggning

MAQS Renewables has regularly assisted Liquid Wind since 2018. In connection with the development of Liquid Wind’s first facility, MAQS Renewables is involved in several important agreements to secure site access and CO₂ supply, as well as fuel storing and electricity power purchase (PPA). FlagshipONE will have an electrolyzer capacity of approximately 70 MW and is expected to produce 50,000 tonnes of electric fuel per year with green hydrogen and biogenic CO2. A fantastic innovation that means that Swedish wind power and carbon dioxide are converted to climate-neutral ship fuel. MAQS has also assisted with the agreements signed in connection with Ørsted becoming a partner in FlagshipONE.

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“MAQS and Mikael Kowal have worked closely with us since the very beginning. We realized that MAQS’ many years of experience of handling all legal parts of taking, among other things, wind turbine projects all the way to ”read-to-build” would also be valuable within our project development. We are approaching the investment decision for FlagshipONE at a good pace and are already underway and planning for FlagshipTWO. We hope to be able to continue our successful journey together with MAQS and increase the pace of conversion to a carbon-neutral Sweden and a carbon neutral shipping.”

– Claes Fredriksson, CEO and founder, Liquid Wind


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