We take responsibility for a
sustainable society

MAQS frequently support and take active participation in social initiatives and activities. We believe it is important that we not only provide funding, but that we also encourage our co-workers to take active part.

MAQS works to ensure an open, and inclusive society. At present we are partners to NU:Nolla Utanförskapet, allowing us to arrange “homework shops” to youth from underpriveilieged areas.

We have also partnered up with The Right Livelihood Foundation. The Right Livelihood-award, widely known as the alternative Nobel Prize is a major international award, handed out on a yearly basis to “honour and support those offering practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges of today”. We are proud to amongst other things contribute with legal advice in support of their great cause.


”It is extremely important and rewarding to have the possibility to help youth in need with our “homework shops”. In doing so we promote equal opportunity to a good education, but mostly because it is such really nice to meet them. It is a fantastic experience to see them interact with our co-workers, and watch them transform from quiet and timid to so very talkative and mature. The fact that they want the opportunity to further educate themselves is a bonus”
Cecilia Uddman, Legal Director

Cecilia Uddman

Right Livelihood

The Right Livelihood Foundation is a politically and religiously independent organisation based in Stockholm, which has fought for peace, justice and sustainability since 1980. Each year they bestow the Right Livelihood award to call attention to brave people and their visionary efforts for a better world. The award is sometimes referred to as “the alternative Nobel Prize”. Through their laureates, they have built strong and effective networks around the world in order to work together for real and sustainable change. To date, 182 individuals and organisations from 72 countries have been awarded the prize. Later winners include well-known advocates for a better society like Greta Tunberg, Edward Snowden and Denis Mukwege.

Right Livelihood’s work, however, goes far beyond just awarding prizes. They offer all laureates long-term support and special protection efforts are made for the laureates whose lives and freedom are threatened. Right Livelihood also brings the laureates together with academic institutions and ensures that their courageous work and important ideas are linked together and noticed around the world. MAQS is proud to be a small part of the fantastic work that Right Livelihood does around the world. Thanks to their activities, important steps are being taken for a more just, sustainable and responsible world.

If you would like to read more about Right Livelihood and perhaps also about how you can support and contribute to their activities.


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