Areas of expertise

Automotive industry

At MAQS we have a long and solid experience of representing Swedish as well as foreign companies and organizations within the automotive industry. This has provided us with unique competence and experience from the industry. We regularly represent and support carmakers and other OEMs as well as subcontractors with preparation, review and negotiation of agreements regarding collaborations, purchasing and sales, and also with respect to more specified cases such as disputes, competition law matters and acquisitions.

When you engage MAQS’ specialists within the automotive segment you can rest assured that our services and counsel are relevant and focused on exactly the issues that are most important in the specific matter.

We can help you with the following

The following are examples of the areas and matters we work with on a regular basis:

  • Autonomous vehicles (AD and ADAS)
  • Retailer network and e-business
  • Purchasing and sales of direct and indirect materials
  • Service, maintenance and spare parts
  • Tooling
  • Battery technology
  • Development and collaboration regarding platforms
  • Infotainment and connectivity
  • Car sharing
  • Alterations and specially-adapted vehicles
  • Motorsport/racing
  • Trademarks, design and licenses
  • Joint ventures