Areas of expertise

Banking & Finance

MAQS is a reliable advisor on an increasingly global market, and our Banking & Finance group has many years of documented experience with all types of financial law. We have the capacity to handle everything from complex international transactions and structuring collateral to less complicated financing and financial matters. We combine experience and expertise in the international banking and finance industry with knowledge of local law and industry practice.

MAQS regularly assists both Swedish and foreign clients in matters including:

  • Acquisition financing
  • Asset financing
  • Property financing
  • Business financing
  • Project and export financing (with support from SEK and/or EKN)
  • Structuring collateral
  • Treasury law
  • Factoring and other vendor financing programmes

We also assist various parties on the capital and financial markets with bond programs, derivatives, securitization projects, and regulatory issues. The group also has significant experience in financial reorganisations and investigations.

The Banking & Finance group also regularly assists both Swedish and foreign financiers as well as airlines, shipowners, and other parties in the aviation, railway, and transportation industries with financing and legal issues involving aircraft, ships, and trains.

Clients and cooperation
Our clients are often national and international banks, financial institutions, and corporate treasury departments, as well as other parties on the financial market requiring assistance with all types of financial matters and transactions as well as with start-up and on-going operating questions.

We take a pragmatic approach to the law and always seek the best and simplest commercial solution for our clients. The group also regularly cooperates with MAQS’s other practice groups in order to present the best, across-the-board solutions.

“Everything was handled perfectly”

Chambers and Partners, EMEA 2017

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