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Most European countries, including Sweden, have specific franchising legislation which governs the type of information a franchisor must give to a franchisee before signing an agreement. MAQS was among the first law firms providing franchising advice and a number of our lawyers have participated in both this and other legislative processes.

Franchising is a good form of cooperation for companies seeking to expand, in part because it reduces the financial risks which may result from an expansion. Franchising can also be a supplement for a company that already has a good distribution system. A well-balanced franchising agreement which takes both the franchisor’s and the franchisee’s interest into consideration can provide the parties with documented guidance throughout the often lengthy franchise relationship.

MAQS has significant experience in designing, adapting, and improving franchise systems. We can provide advice in respect of the full range of legal issues which can arise in connection with franchising, as well as in the creative processes in designing business models, including participation in the development of operational manuals.

We regularly work with both national and international franchise systems of varying sizes and with all types of franchise structures (such as master franchising). Our clients are active in the retail and service sectors in a wide range of industries.

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