Areas of expertise

Public procurement

The value of annual purchases in Sweden which are subject to public procurement rules exceeds SEK 600 billion. The procedure can sometimes be complicated and time-consuming but, properly managed, the public procurement rules can contribute to the efficient use of tax funds and a functioning market.

MAQS has comprehensive experience with public procurement and, through close cooperation with the client, can assist in ensuring that purchases and deliveries to procuring authorities can take place as smoothly as possible for both the customer, on the one hand, and the supplier of goods or services or the construction contractor on the other.

We work every day with strategic advice prior to and during the procurement procedure and assist our clients by drafting and reviewing tender specifications, tenders, and agreements. Our work includes analysing every step in the procurement procedure based on Swedish and international circumstances.

We work with both procuring authorities and suppliers, and regularly represent our clients in review cases and damages actions originating in a public procurement.

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