Areas of expertise

Tax law

Legislation in the field of tax law is subject to constant change. This requires proactivity both to prevent tax law problems and to create possibilities.

MAQS works with tax law issues which involve companies and their owners, and we offer advice on all types of issues which may arise, including:

  • Restructuring of corporate groups
  • Transactions involving companies
  • Properties or businesses
  • Generational changes
  • Foreign placement of personnel
  • Incentive programmes
  • Handling of the so-called 3:12 rules

The key words for proactive advice are curiosity, thoroughness, speed, and availability. These principles are also important when we make tax projections and “soundings” for the purpose of identifying possibilities and risks in respect of the tax issues facing companies and their owners.

Our clients are active in a wide range of industries and include both major companies and smaller, owner-operated companies.

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