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Trade secrets

What can MAQS do for you as a company?

Are you aware of what trade secrets you have and how to protect them? Or have you already been the target for infringement and require support and assistance to be able to safeguard your rights? Regardless of which, MAQS will gladly be of service. We offer an initial training and subsequent work-shop for the relevant persons within your company in order to provide you with an accurate basis for decisions regarding additional measures.

Why new regulations for trade secrets now?

Digitalization means that the prerequisites for operating a business have completely changed. In a rapidly changing world with increasing competition, intellectual property rights and trade secrets are becoming increasingly important, while the possibilities for accessing the information are essentially, from a purely technical aspect, unlimited. Sweden has had a special law concerning trade secrets for a long time. As a consequence of the rapid development, a joint legislative effort has been ongoing in the EU for some time, with a view to adapting and harmonizing regulatory frameworks within all EU countries. This work resulted in a new trade secrecy law that came into force in Sweden on July 1, 2018.

The new regulations, given that one acts in the correct manner, provide opportunities for improved protection of trade secrets and entail greater possibilities of sanctions for infringement. However, the regulations also mean that the requirements for you, as owner, have been tightened. The latter-mentioned means that if you possess trade secrets you must take inventory of the trade secrets you have, evaluate your alternative actions and ensure that you adequately protect your trade secrets. There should also be a contingency plan to handle any infringement.

How does MAQS work?

Our experience is that external support is almost always required to inventory and protect trade secrets. Such support must be provided by people who possess both a deep knowledge of the legal framework and excellent understanding of the company’s operational processes and strategy development. To be able to offer advice within all relevant sections, we have a number of colleagues who specialize in providing this type of advice and who build on a process developed for the purpose involving inventory – analysis – evaluation –decision – documentation – implementation.

At MAQS we have extensive experience of assisting in situations where infringement has occurred, both in terms of urgent practical measures and the legal aftermath.

Since many businesses today are very technology-intensive and exist in many geographic markets, we also work with selected partners. This work is coordinated and led by MAQS in order to facilitate for the internal managers at the company.