Areas of expertise


MAQS has handled trade-related issues for many years and has vast experience in all types of legal issues connected with the industry. At MAQS, you will get specialised advice in the areas of franchising, agency and distribution law in the majority of European countries, advice with respect to the choice of distribution systems, and establishment on foreign markets.

This is what we can assist you with

Globalisation and new types of logistics and marketing pose legal questions and require knowledge of the legislation of multiple countries. We can assist you with all legal aspects, such as:

  • establishment abroad
  • selection of channels of distribution
  • production and purchase of goods
  • import and export
  • selection of transportation
  • competition legislation
  • employment law
  • trade mark law
  • tax law
  • environmental law
  • international private law

For those of you who sell to end customers, we have expertise in, among other things, product safety, marketing law and consumer protection.


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