21.04.01 / News

Grythyttan Vin sells Skogsglögg to Spendrups

MAQS has advised Grythyttan Vin in the sale of Skogsglögg AB to Spendrups.

Grythyttan Vin is a craft company that produces berry wine and beverages in smaller editions, under the supervision of the owners Per and Ingunn Fritzell. The production is located only a few kilometers north of the gastronomic village of Grythyttan. Grythyttan Vin works with a holistic approach, with care for the product and the planet, from raw material reception to quality review, fermentation, storage and bottling.

One of Grythyttan Vin's many appreciated products has been Skogsglögg which, unlike traditional mulled wine, is mainly based on lingonberries and blueberries. The demand for Skogsglögg reached record levels in 2020.

Grythyttan Vin has now completed a sale of the Skogsglögg brand and associated production facility to Spendrups, which has previously conducted operations directly adjacent to the Skogsglögg production facility.

- We are happy and proud that it was our good neighbors who became the new owners of Skogsglögg and that the product remains in the area. Spendrups has the strength and long-term perspective that will mean a lot for Skogsglögg's future, says Per Fritzell, Managing Director of Grythyttan Vin.

- We are very satisfied with the advice we received from MAQS and happy that it was such a smooth process.

The transaction was completed on March 29, 2021.

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