20.05.19 / News

MAQS has advised in the sale of a majority stake in the language services company Plint

MAQS Advokatbyrå was the sellers’ legal adviser when Priveq acquired 55 percent of Plint AB.

Priveq Investment has become a new majority owner of the fast-growing language- and media technology company Plint in Gothenburg. Plint conducts operations in Gothenburg, Borås and as of last year, in Los Angeles where the TV- and film industry has its heart. In 2018, Plint was the single fastest growing language- and media technology company in the world, with customers such as Netflix, Amazon, Viacom, Volvo, IKEA and H&M. Plint has also developed a unique and cloud-based computer system - Plint Core - to coordinate translations and workflows. Plint Core facilitates for clients, project managers and translators and streamlines the complex process that precedes the launch of films and TV series internationally and in different languages.

Through an agreement with the principal owners and founders Per Nauclér and Mikael Fröling, as well as the co-owners Örjan Serner (CEO) and Johan Gladh (studio manager), Priveq becomes the owner of 55 percent of Plint. The remaining 45 percent is retained by Per Nauclér, Örjan Serner and Johan Gladh. Mikael Fröling will gradually hand over his duties in the company, which has been the plan for some time.

MAQS team consisted of representatives from the specialist groups; M&A (Niklas Eskilsson, Henrik Nordling and Emma Bremer) and Digital Business (Kenneth Asplund). 

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