21.07.01 / News

MAQS has assisted the investment company Tången Industrikapital in connection with their fund raising

Tången Industrikapital is a West Swedish investment company, but with the entire Nordic region as its working area. Together with investors, partners and portfolio companies a growth-driving West Swedish player will be developed. Right from the onset there is a large industrial network with competent people from a variety of industries. Investors includes Karl-Johan Blank (JULA Holding AB), the Andersson family (Hans Andersson Holding AB), Göran & Karl Nordlund (Fore C AM AB), Magnus Greko & Jörgen Hentschel (founders of Opus), Magnus Petersson as well as the Astrid Fiske family.

The company has now closed the share issue to new investors and has a total investment framework of approximately SEK 400 million to invest for in the coming years.

MAQS has assisted the founder of Tången Industrikapital in connection with the structure and fund raising.

Read Tången Industrikapital´s press release here.

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