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MAQS launches strategic venture in privacy and data protection

Digitalisering, the Schrems II judgment and a global pandemic has placed issues connected to privacy and data protection in focus. However, many businesses still have fundamental flaws in their data protection. The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection highlights this in their latest annual report. To meet the demand for legal advice, MAQS expands its offering in privacy and data protection and establishes a national specialist group within the area.

- MAQS has worked with privacy and data protection issues for quite some time and now we are gathering further reinforcement with a strategic investment in the area by establishing a national specialist group with a competence hub in Stockholm, says Katrin Troedsson, CEO of MAQS Advokatbyrå.

In recent years, MAQS Advokatbyrå has recruited several experts in the field of privacy and data protection. Among others, Anna Eidvall, who specialises in strategic advice connected to regulatory compliance, third country transfers and mergers and acquisitions, and Karin Schurmann, whose focus is on cross-industry strategic support to management, boards and/or data protection controllers/DPO, profiling and cookies and assignments as external DSO.

Industry knowledge in focus in order to meet customer needs

During the past few years, MAQS Advokatbyrå has built up its operations based on selected industry and specialist areas in order to combine high-quality legal advice with the necessary industry knowledge. MAQS also works actively, as the sole law firm, with AI Sweden to understand new technology and influence the future initiatives in the area.

– Privacy and data protection issues are a part of a larger context. Therefore, our specialist group works closely with AI Sweden and the firm’s other industry and specialist areas to be able to offer comprehensive advice tailored to the specific conditions that exist in each industry and business, says Karin Schurmann, partner at MAQS Advokatbryå.

MAQS develops data protection service linked to M&A

MAQS specialist group in privacy and data protection assists customers with ongoing expert advice and project management, legal opinions, implementation of risk analysis and impact assessments as well as advice regarding third-country transfers. MAQS has also developed a service linked to management of personal data in connection with M&A projects.

– We find ourselves in a time when digital development is occurring exponentially and data is the new gold. However, the gold can turn into sand if data protection-related risks are not identified and managed. Substantial value can be lost in transactions and large sanctions imposed in the event of non-compliance. Here we can assist our customers to navigate correctly in the complex data protection regulations that are constantly changing and ensure that sustainable, long-term values can be realised, says Anna Eidvall, partner at MAQS Advokatbyrå.


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