MAQS advises Trianon in the acquisition of Rosengård Centrum


MAQS has advised Trianon in connection with the company's acquisition of Rosengård Centrum from Cornerstone.

Major portions of Rosengård's commercial activities are located in a single large retail area, Rosengård Centrum. Rosengård Centrum, Malmö's first large retail area, was designed by Thorsten Roos Arkitektkontor between 1968 and 1971. The 14th century Florentine bridge, Ponte Vecchio, is said to have served as a prototype. Most of Malmö's residents have passed by the locally well-known structure.

Today, the largest tenants are City Gross and the City of Malmö. The property contains, among other things, a shopping mall, educational facilities, a library, and the Rosengård sports arena.

Cornestone is selling Rosengård Centrum through its fund, the Nordic Retail Fund.

"This acquisition complements Triano's existing portfolio very well. Trianon is a corporation with a strong local presence and we look forward to developing the property further," says Olof Andersson, CEO of Trianon.

Trianon's pre-transaction business includes ownership and management of 1,300 apartments and 170 commercial premises with a total floor area of 150,000 m2, as well as current construction of 265 apartments.

MAQS' team comprised lead partner Krister Hjelmstedt and associate Jenny Söberg.