Two new Partners at MAQS


In the turn of the year MAQS welcomes two new partners in Göteborg, Linn Samuelsson and
Marie-Anne Lindhardt. They make for a central part of MAQS’ continued focus on Digital Business, sports and event and employment law.


– We are very proud to welcome Linn and Marie-Anne as new partners – and particularly proud as they have been with the firm for a long time and we have been able to follow their careers. They are a part of our success, says Katrin Troedsson, Managing Partner at MAQS.

Linn Samuelsson joined MAQS in 2007 and is head of the expanding area and practice group of Digital Business. She assists clients with advice in matters of data protection and privacy issues and with the preparation and negotiation of commercial agreements, primarily within IT/Technology.

– I very much enjoy  being part of the team at a law firm where we focus on the issues of the future and where we acknowledge the importance of both staying aware of and being willing to evolve in response to the changes and developments that take place around us. An important part of this work is the focus on sustainability, responsiveness and building great teams. Our development of Digital Business, a business area that is expanding and where we have cutting-edge expertise, would not have been possible without this approach to law practice, says Linn Samuelsson.

Marie-Anne Lindhardt joined MAQS in 2011 and is head of the firm’s sports and event group. She assists companies, federations, associations, clubs, individual athletes and agents in matters related to agreements, non-profit associations, the rules and regulation of sports and issues related to gambling/lotteries. She also works with employment law and represents companies in, for example, restructuring, operational cutbacks, consultations, collective agreement matters as well as with various kinds of agreements within the field of employment law.

– To be a part of a law firm where you and your colleagues are allowed to invest and pursue the issues and subject fields that you are really passionate about, and within that framework develop in the role as advisor, is something that motivates me and which I value highly. Going forward, the focus is set on working with my colleagues to continue the development of our offer for the sports and event industry and to strengthen MAQS’ presence in the north of Sweden, says Marie-Anne Lindhardt.