20.09.07 / News

Solör Bioenergi AB acquires HL Energi AB

MAQS Renewables team represented the seller in connection with Solör Bioenergi AB’s acquisition of H. Lennartsson Energi AB.

HL Energi AB has operated the district heating plant in Töcksfors since 2006 and developed the plant at the same pace as the increased demand for fossil-free heat. With the sale of the company and its district heating network and energy plant, Solör Bioenergi is now responsible for the production and distribution of heating to both municipal and private properties in Töcksfors. Customers include schools, commerce, residential properties and industries. Solör Bioenergi is a leading player within renewable energy based on wood fuels and district heating in Sweden and Norway. Solör Bioenergi’s operations also include energy recovery of impregnated wood and production of biofuel in the form of pellets, wood chips and briquettes. By making use of the forest’s resources, Solör Bioenergi wants to pave the way for a sustainable society with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

MAQS’ team consisted of Mikael Kowal, Andréa Rylander, Klara Dahlqvist and Emma Bremer.

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