Quality & Ethics

Ensuring high quality advice
for a sustainable business

At MAQS we include ethics in the concept of quality and it is a key ingredient in our line of work. It is what makes us proud to be employees at MAQS – and is essential in order to remain credible towards our customers. MAQS has a strict a code of conduct on how to work both internally and towards our customers, including mandatory educational sessions for our co-workers to ensure that they comply with the ethical code of conduct set out by the Swedish Bar Association. The sessions include explaining how we implement the regulations in our day-to-day business as well as open discussions about how to react and manage certain practical situations that we might be faced with.


”Our industry is safeguarded by the ethical regulations that are set out and maintained by the Swedish Bar Association. This includes a great responsibility for us in our interactions with customers. Ensuring that all our co-workers and partners have a clear ethical compass is therefore a necessary prerequisite for us to provide advice with the quality that both our own high standards, and the market, demands.”
– Magdalena Persson, Partner