Work environment

People who feel well, perform accordingly

We want all our employees to feel well, whether it be at work or at home, today or long-term. It is our firm belief that MAQS becomes a better, more competitive company when our co-workers feel well and are encouraged to develop. Quite obvious if you think about it, when you have a good work-life balance, you prosper. You will quite likely feel a stronger commitment towards your employer, and tend to remain with the company longer. In our efforts with work environment we have chosen to focus on leadership, inclusion, development, and health.


”We measure our work environment on a weekly basis. All co-workers participate and are given a chance to ventilate how they feel at that very moment, providing MAQS with valuable information and enabling us to take swift and accurate measures, should it be deemed necessary.”
– Camilla Millqvist, Chief People & Culture Officer

Camilla Millqvist

”Through an active and present leadership, we can ensure a good work environment and a safe work place. At MAQS we believe leadership means being supportive, honest, and brave.”
Nicklas Hansson, Managing Partner

Nicklas Hansson

A common spirit

At MAQS we have a strong sense of community, and our culture is centred on what we ourselves like to call “MAQS-andan”, i.e., where professionalism meets empathy. In essence, MAQS-andan is about how we treat our co-workers and customers and stems from a simple fact; that all of us together are responsible in creating an appealing work environment.
And sure enough, should you hear one of our employees saying MAQS is a pleasant place to work, it will not be because of some internal policy, but rather because our co-workers genuinely value each other. To fit in we believe you should be curious, constructive, pragmatic, and enjoy having fun at work.