We strive to create value. Do you?

At MAQS we aspire to create business value to our customers, and thanks to our co-workers commitment and passion – we are quite good at it. We are always looking for open-minded people with a keen interest in law and business and an analytical approach– that would like to embrace our customer’s challenges, using law as a tool to solve them.


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What is it like to be a lawyer at MAQS?

At MAQS we take great pride in our highly skilled co-workers. As a lawyer at MAQS you will grow continuously with every exciting customer and task you encounter, both domestically and internationally. By your side you will have some of the foremost business lawyers in the trade – supporting you along the way.

We do not look upon law as an independent science but as an integrated part of business life and social progress. Our objective is that all our lawyers through education and work life experience develop, not only as legal experts, but as business advisors. To achieve this we have put together an environment where we secure a constant knowledge transfer within the organisation of our customers, and their respective realities. Enabling us to create business value to our customers, and an inspirational workplace for you.

If you grow, we grow

We believe that allowing every co-worker to continuously develop in their roles and do the things they want is an important part in providing high quality advice to our customers. Which is why we through our educational programs MAQS Academy and MAQS Master ensure that you are allowed to acquire the competence you seek.

MAQS Academy consists of basic training in the most important legal practises at the firm as well in legal English. The training is carried out jointly across our different geographical offices, further promoting knowledge transfer within the organisation. For the more senior lawyer we provide MAQS Master – a coaching programme over a two-year span, focusing on everything from personal development and leadership to increasing your legal abilities and business development.

In addition to our educational programs, we also have an extensive system to ensure knowledge transfer within the organisation, combined with various seminars with external lecturers.




Business Support

Our professional business support organisation work in close cooperation with our lawyers to secure that MAQS always deliver in accordance with our high standards. Our business organisation includes, administration, legal assistants, office support, reception, business development, marketing, accounts and payroll, HR, and IT – to name a few.

MAQS offers a wide variety of opportunities to develop, both professionally and as a person. If you want to work in a knowledge intense environment, you are more than welcome to apply.


Ready for a Maqsed out life? 

We are constantly looking for business-driven and committed individuals who wants to contribute, both to MAQS and our customer’s development and growth. Sounds interesting? Look for vacant positions below, or why not send us a spontaneous application?

Vacant positions



Law student in search of work experience?

Are you a law student looking to put your theoretical knowledge in practice? You have come to the right place. At MAQS we accept thesis trainees, summer trainees, and student co-workers, allowing you try out the everyday life of a business lawyer.

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How many associates do you recruit annually?

On average, we recruit 25 associates on a yearly basis.

What time of year do you hire?

We are constantly looking for new talent. We do not however hire at any given time of year, but rather when a need emerges. With that said, we tend to initiate more recruitment processes between May and June to fill openings for early autumn.

What do you do as an entry level associate?

You will be able to acquire practical knowledge in a variety of matters at the firm, e.g., legal research, participating in client meetings, drafting memorandums, agreements, and external correspondence.

How important are my grades?

We are obviously looking for talented people with good grades and knowledge of languages. However we believe that other personal attributes such as creativity, leaderships, ability to work in teams, and accepting our corporate brand and values is equally important. We are looking for long-term relationships, not only with our customers but with our co-workers as well.

Do I need experience from a district court to be considered?

We hire lawyers for entry level openings irrespective of district court experience. It is however considered as a merit.

How do I apply for a traineeship?

All our offices accept thesis trainees for a duration of ten weeks. Our Malmö-office also accept APU-interns. Apply by responding to one of our communicated openings or by sending us a spontaneous application.