At MAQS sustainability permeates both our advisory services as well as our organizational management.

With the United Nations 17 sustainability development goals as our starting point, everything we do aims to not only be compliant, but to be at the forefront of sustainable development.

Prioritized areas: Work environment, Equality, CSR, Environment, Quality & Ethics


”Our most important efforts to remain a sustainable organisation are done within these walls. For MAQS it is essential that we have an inclusive environment where everyone participates and a sustainable work-life balance is ensured to promote personal development. Through our various social initiatives and partnerships we aim to further encourage our co-workers to make social contributions, both during on as well off business hours”
Katrin Troedsson, CEO

Katrin Troedsson

People have good reasons to interact with businesses that have clear policies and guidelines on sustainability. We believe companies should set a precedent for society, taking responsibility for their climate impact, which strives to ensure a humane work environment, and conduct themselves with high ethics and morale standards. Besides contributing to a sustainable society, it is our belief that this serves as a competitive advantage for MAQS, our customers, and our partners.

No one can do it all, but everyone can do something. As a business and employer, MAQS has a responsibility to spread knowledge and raise awareness as to how our co-workers, customers and partners can behave to play an active role in contributing to a sustainable society.

At MAQS we put particular emphasis on reducing our consumption of resources, decreasing our climate foot print, ensuring that our co-workers have a good work-life balance, and enforcing strict ethic and morale codes in our advice. All to take a small, but active part in promoting a sustainable society.



Our sustainability efforts are divided into five focus areas. Learn more on how we work within the respective areas below.





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