Culture and values


we see further

At MAQS we want to create value. We grow, not only by developing each other, but our customers as well, and it is where professionalism meets empathy that you will find, what we ourselves like to call “MAQS-andan”. MAQS-andan means a perpetual desire to improve – and that we can only reach and see further together.

As a co-worker at MAQS you will instantly become an integral part of your team’s success, and be included, both internally and externally, towards our customers. Working at a law firm can sometimes be challenging and demanding. In return, we promise you the opportunity to grow professionally in a caring environment while gaining valuable insight in business, law, and people in the process. It is quite frankly satisfactory to develop, and it gives origin to something we at MAQS highly value - teamwork and job satisfaction.

Creativity, courage, and social ability are qualities in people that we hold in high regard, but it is equally important to be a good co-worker and to adopt our values as your own. We are looking for long-term relations – not only with our customers, but with our co-workers as well.

MAQS kultur och värderingar

Our values

You could probably say that our common values are equivalent to a compass needle, guiding us in our day-to-day work and in our long-term business approach. They permeate everything we do and specify what we as a company stand for. A company where every day is characterized by a desire to learn more, where simple answers are found to tough questions, and where the door is always open – not only to our customers, but for our co-workers as well.

Curiosity –
the desire to know more

To us, curiosity means a desire to know even more, of diving head first into the latest business article or lunch topic, to become involved in helping your co-workers, and to understand our customer’s dilemmas, in short, to see the bigger picture. By committing to being curious and solution-oriented we move forward.

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Simplicity – an open approach

By having an open attitude you will gain a better understanding of the complexity that each matter holds, as well as the underlying issues. This in turn leads to new business opportunities, collaborations, and relationships.

If curiosity allows us to move forward, it is with simplicity that we reach further.

Availability – the door is always open

At MAQS, having an open door means that we can create a common ground for innovation and growth. It means that we are genuinely interested and care. That we are always available is built upon the shared belief that when needed, we will be there, and is probably the strongest feeling there is. Availability allows us not only to move forward and reach further, but also to see further.