Advice based on your reality

At MAQS, we are driven by creating business value and therewith value for you as a customer. Basically, this means that our advice is founded on knowledge of and interest in business community, combined with insight into the issues that govern societal development such as globalisation, digitalisation and sustainability. By delivering legal advice based on each customer’s unique conditions, we create added value for our customers both today and tomorrow.



Industry- and specialist areas

Our goal has always been to deliver advice based on an understanding of our customers’ reality and needs. In order for you to find the advice you need as simply as possible, we have packaged our commercial law offer based on the various industries and specialist areas that are close to your reality and your everyday life. Through knowledge about you as a customer and the industry you operate in, comprehensive legal competence and good project management, quality and efficiency is created in our advice and with it, increased business value for you as a customer.

Industry - and specialist areas