As a well-established international advisor we are constantly approached by global businesses.

It is therefore important that we have a wide and competent international network.

Global reach, local expertise

On a yearly basis MAQS advises customers on hundreds of cross-border assignments – both Swedish companies overseas and foreign corporations in Sweden. Having a clear knowledge of international law and its complexities is the main reason to why MAQS have a prominent international role. Our independent and non-exclusive international collaborations have been delicately managed for decades, enabling us to carefully choose partner on a case-by-case basis and in so ensuring that our customers are being provided the best possible advice and support.

We are a proud and active member in leading international networks of independent law firms such as Pangea Net and Nextlaw, a combination which creates a unique platform for international collaboration. In addition, we have a dedicated French desk that specifically supports business between France and Sweden. Altogether, our networks and other international contacts enables us to effectively assist our customers in seamlessly doing business across national borders.