”We all need to work together to reduce our environmental impact. My task is to make it easier for MAQS to make sustainable choices.”
Cecilia Mårtensson, Environmental officer

Cecilia Mårtensson

Long-time approach to ensure a
sustainable future

That MAQS acts prudently when it comes to the environment is essential for our business and credibility. Our offices in Göteborg, Stockholm and Sundsvall are certified by The Swedish Environmental Base, and take an ongoing and active approach to our environmental efforts. We do this by raising awareness and knowledge internally, and by putting pressure on our suppliers to provide more sustainable solutions.
Our aim is minimize our negative environmental impact by having particular focus on reducing our use of natural resources and managing our waste. We believe MAQS, as all successful businesses, has a responsibility to educate and encourage, not only co-workers, but our customers as well, to be both compliant as well as at the forefront in the fight for a sustainable environment.