20.09.15 / News

Anatomic Studios disrupts the prosthetics industry – secures funding led by Wellstreet and Edument

Anatomic Studios, founded in 2015 by Emelie Strömshed and Christian Veraeus, produces custom designed prosthetic covers made via 3D printing. Anatomic Studios creates highly personalized fitting and cosmetic solutions. This disruption of the prosthetics industry has been possible thanks to the company’s extensive research and development work, and the inclusion of the client in every step of the development process.

In preparation for a wider launch, the company just closed its first round of investment, backed by Wellstreet Ventures Fund I, Queen Invest and Edument, among others.

MAQS has advised Anatomic Studios through Filip Bucin, Lovisa Elardt and Aleksander Källkvist.

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