Permission to build and operate a wind farm or hydropower plant requires a license in accordance with the Environmental Code. Even for a solar farm, various licenses or exemptions may also be relevant. In addition, new legal requirements mean that many current hydropower plants will be reconsidered to receive the so-called modern environmental conditions.
Renewables projektering BG

A permit process can often take several years and requires legal expertise as many legal issues may emerge. MAQS assists the applicant in connection with the permit process, which includes contact with authorities, participation at consultation meetings and preparation of the application for permits and opinions as well as representation at the review authority. MAQS also assists the applicant in any appeal process in court.

Another important part in connection with the realization of a project is to secure land for placement of the plant or plants that will produce electricity. MAQS helps our clients to prepare the land agreements to be signed (such as lease agreements and usufruct agreements), but also to ensure access to offshore areas.