Like many other industries, the Swedish forest industry and forestry are on the brink of a shift in technology where digitalisation and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important.
SKOG Digitalisering

Robotics, 5G and AI are examples of innovation areas that offer fantastic opportunities but also challenges. Currently, AI is already used for automatization in the industry, and can also be used in forestry, among other things, to facilitate inventory and harvest planning and to detect pest infestations and fungal infections. Through continued digitalisation, the Swedish forestry industry can insure its leading global position. Digitalisation contributes to streamlining the use of raw materials and therewith to the industry’s sustainability and profitability goals.

There are several legal issues that arise from increased digitalisation. These may include data processing, intellectual property rights and liability issues, but may also be purely ethical issues. MAQS works regularly with agreements for procurement of infrastructure and storage capacity, assessments and basis for decisions regarding the use and sharing of data as well as handling of privacy issues and questions about who owns rights to or is responsible for a particular product or service.