The forest is the green raw material of the future. The forest provides us with environmentally friendly building and packaging materials and hygiene products. It provides us with wind power, biofuels and fuel for heating and power plants.
SKOG Hållbarhet

The forest is in focus when our society must adjust to a sustainable future. Properly managed, a growing forest binds carbon dioxide and therewith counteracts climate change. At the same time, with the help of raw materials from the forest, we can replace fossil-based products and thus ensure that coal and oil remain in the ground. The forest also provides space for wind power, the continued expansion of which is crucial to secure the supply of electricity at competitive prices, especially in southern Sweden, and to achieve the climate goals set by Sweden. Access to green electricity is a crucial competitive advantage for Sweden.

Combining sustainable forestry with a satisfactory supply of raw materials is a challenge. At present, large reserves and considerations are done in forestry and the demands are increasing. MAQS has good experience of handling the requirements placed on forestry and the forest industry. We regularly assist in issues related to land use, permits for wind power and other activities, regulatory compliance issues and other issues relating to legal conditions for a sustainable management and expansion of forestry and the forest industry.