To market gambling, it is important to be aware of the requirements of both the specific gambling legislation and the general marketing legalisation. All actors in the Swedish gambling market are obligated to stay updated on the legalisation.
Spel Marknadsföring

A key issue in the marketing of gambling is the gambling legislation’s moderation requirement. To determine if a marketing measure is moderate, an overall assessment should be carried out. Another common issue is bonus offers. A gambling license holder may only offer or give bonuses on the first occasion on which the player participates in a game and the requirements for how such offers may be formulated are strict and perpetually changing.

A number of actors have already received substantial sanctions for noncompliance of the moderation requirement and the rules regarding bonus offers. MAQS’ Gambling group works continuously to ensure that our customers are constantly updated and that our advice is always in line with the latest guidance and practice. If necessary, we also represent our customers in supervisory matters and audits from the Swedish Gambling Authority and the Swedish Consumer Agency.