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MAQS has a genuine understanding of the start-up and growth segment and is passionate about helping the next generation start-up and growth companies manage and expand their business ideas.
Startup Tillväxt

We have extensive experience in raising capital and represent both angel and VC investors, as well as start-up and growth companies in all investment phases, trade sales, and joint ventures.

Thanks to our experience of representing both growth companies and investors in a wide range of investment phases, we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of market conditions and trends in the venture area. Our experts provide both practical and effective advice in all types of venture capital financings – whether it has to do with debt, equity capital or other forms.

Typically, we are engaged with growth companies or investors just before, or in close connection with a Series A round, and then work continuously with the company and the investor(s) during the growth company's expansion. Getting in early in the capital injection process enables us to be ahead of the curve and solve problems that otherwise could await around the corner and have a negative impact on future capital injections, on a future exit, or on the business itself. MAQS’ specialist groups within e.g., employment, compliance, IP, and financing are normally also engaged at this stage as supplementary support to the company during its growth.

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Martin Folke



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