MAQS retail group works with all commercial law issues for players within retail. Our industry knowledge encompasses everything from franchise operations with physical stores, to Swedish and International chains and e-retailers.

The retail industry is undergoing extensive perpetual transformation. The business models are changing and require innovation, efficiency and flexibility. Trademarks and design are more important than ever and physical stores, where rental issues have been front and center have been supplemented with e-commerce platforms that offer greater opportunities for international expansion.

E-commerce platforms require IT solutions and entail stricter requirements for conditions with respect to consumers. A steady flow of new and expansive technical solutions means that there are infinite opportunities to reach your target group -- but can mean -- or perceived to mean, a violation of personal privacy. This part of the sustainability issue is more important than ever. The marketing rules, especially with respect to sustainability, are restrictive. In addition to relationships with other players for purchasing and production, industry organisations now have important relationships with courier and transport companies as well as several payment providers. In many cases, all of this requires completely different skills from personnel.

MAQS’ experience and advice encompasses all of these types of relationships and situations.

Practice areas

Contract law
Competition law
Commercial rental law
Labour Law
Corporate tax
Corporate law


Christina Berggren


Christina Berggren



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